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Mar. 14


RFP: What year did you graduate from RFP?

AB: 2016

RFP: Describe your position.

I’m the marketing & communications associate for a local meal kit company in Atlanta called Garnish & Gather. (I met the founder through Amy, and that’s how I was connected to the open position!) We have a small team at G&G, so I get to touch many different projects of all kinds—I’ve been a part of photoshoots, designed flyers & posters, pitched our story to magazines, done customer service, and so much more!

RFP: Describe a day a work.

AB: I get into the office around 9 most days, and I always start by clearing out my emails. Our team works in one giant room, so communication between all of us is never an issue, and things happen pretty fast. The G&G founder/my boss, Emily, and I take meetings regarding sponsorship and advertising opportunities some days, and other days local artisans come in with samples, or farmers come in to deliver the fresh produce that we’re using in meals that week. Most recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time freshening up the website and sending out MailChimp emails.

RFP: We stress relationship building and how to pitch your story. What RFP take-away do you apply in your current job?

AB: RFP gave me unparalleled preparation for pitching G&G’s story! Whenever I send out those pitch emails, I make sure to spell names correctly, make the message short and sweet, include a photo & state that I have high-res photos available upon request, and follow up appropriately (thanks for those tips, Amy!).

RFP: What’s new/next in communications/PR/digital marketing?

AB: These two ideas aren’t new, but I think they’re becoming impossible to overlook: the increased role of video (live or recorded) and the importance of mobile optimization.  

RFP: Which social media channel(s) does your company prioritize or put more energy into? Please explain why.

AB: We put most energy into Facebook and Instagram. Our target audience uses Facebook the most out of all social media platforms, so that factor combined with the ease of Facebook sponsored posts and ads make it really important for us. Instagram is also great because there is this entire segment of Atlanta foodie accounts—I’ve had success pitching to some of these accounts to get them to to post about meals we send them, and that’s definitely great PR.

RFP: What sites/blogs/social media do you visit or reference daily?

AB: Everyday I receive a New York Times briefing email, and I highly suggest signing up for that—this isn’t necessarily work-related, but it’s nice to know what’s going on. Two blogs I find interesting and useful are the Clever Creative blog and the Codeless Interactive blog. The CC blog is about advertising and design, and the CI blog is more web and marketing-based. Lastly, I don’t need this daily, but I want to include Behance Free Fonts in this list since it’s so useful!

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