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Website of the week: writer Stephanie LaCava
Aug. 20

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These days, rare is the writer who contributes to only one publication. It’s always a good idea to look up a writer’s name. Many have their own website and give you more information on the other publications they contribute to and a direct email contact. Not only is this helpful information if you’re thinking about pitching (the extra info on their site may help you find the angle that writer would most likely be interested in) it’s signals to the writer that you’ve researched her work and that makes all the difference in the seriousness in which she’ll give your pitch.

Former Vogue editor Stephanie LaCava makes her literary debut in December but still contributes to US and European fashion publications including the T: the New York Times style magazine, Garage and Interview. We’re a sucker for illustrations and love the simplicity of the drawings on her site but also appreciate the blog and videos, which really give us a flavor for the kinds of stories she gravitates toward.

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