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Top 5 Tips for an Editor-Friendly Website
Jun. 7

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Where is the first place an editor goes when introduced to a new product? Your website, of course! What are we looking for and what does that have to do with press? Everything. Read on to make sure you’ve got it right.

Update your “About” section.
An accurate and up-to-date “About” bio is indispensable and should serve as a dependable source of information. Editors and bloggers will often pull copy directly from your site, but quickly lose confidence when, upon fact checking, they discover the information is out-dated or wrong.
Provide a way to purchase your product.
If you don’t have a shopping cart, editors are forced to re-direct readers to another site that carries your line. Big Cartel, Shopify and East of Western are great user-friendly e-commerce options.
Keep your site uncluttered and easy-to-navigate. 
Don’t bog your website down with unnecessary video or features that require flash. Skip the fancy gimmicks and invest instead in clean, high-quality product shots and photos that look like they belong in the magazine or blog you would like to be in.
Show the person behind the brand. 
Feature a crisp, editorial-friendly picture alongside the bio in the “About” section. Often an editor is looking to profile a company owner or designer, not the product. When we see you have a picture that looks like it already belongs in a magazine, it signals you’re serious about press and may have photos we can use.
Provide a media contact.
Make it easy for an editor to find you. If there is no phone number or direct email and we have to fill out a form and hope for a reply, editors may abandon your site for someone easier to reach.
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