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Time to Pitch… Gift Guides!
Jun. 4

illustrations by Harper Calhoun

6 Reasons You Need Our Media List Now!

Early June is prime time for pitching gift guides.

You may be thinking surf and sand, but editors have gift guides on the mind. It’s time to start pitching and our list will save you the time it takes to hunt down names and email contacts.

Who has the time?

Editors move around….. and often. With that in mind, we took the month of May to check, line-by-line, the contact info for the over 950 editors on our media list. Since January, we found that 100 editors moved up, switched publications, left the industry or got married and changed their name.

You need to get social!

Recipe for Press recommends following editors on social media (preferably Instagram) before you pitch. We’ve even made that easy by adding a social media contact as a new step of verification to make sure they were still employees and that titles matched. There’s meat behind this list!

Our list doesn’t break the bank (and leaves shopping funds flush)

Priced at only $75, this list was built with the entrepreneur in mind and sensitive to a budget. Other lists costs upward of $1000 and are often not up to date.

We included both regional and national editors

Not every editor works in New York. This is a Who’s Who of market editors, home editors and influential bloggers who work with magazines and online publications across the country looking for products and projects like yours. These are relevant editors and many from regional hubs and secondary cities including Boston, Charlotte, Detroit, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Charleston and more.


What’s new?

We added 75 NEW names to this update and 2018’s master list. This means more opportunity to get your product and story in front of new industry talent.


Happy Pitching!



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