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(Former) Intern Insight: Hilary Maloney
Apr. 19

Hilary Maloney, a 2014 graduate of our internship program, recently lead an intern-talk with our team via Google Hangout. With a few years of post-grad experience, she shared how to find a job you love in a city you love with a company you love. After her time interning at Recipe for Press, Hilary graduated from UGA was hired as marketing coordinator for Atlanta-based tech-startup, Parlore. From there, she set her eyes on San Francisco, where she now works at Essence Digital, a global advertising agency that combines her love for technology and communications. Hilary’s advice to current interns is to first choose the ideal place to live and work, and then pursue informational interviews and networking events to connect with local business leaders. Because of her ingenuity and determination, Hilary landed her dream job on the west coast, and through her talk, she inspired a new generation RFP interns.

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