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5 Reasons THIS Media List Matters (to you!)
Jan. 21

illustrations by Harper Calhoun

Who has the time?

Editors move around…..and often. The person you reached out last year may likely have taken a job at a competing publication two months ago (and is now contributing to two new online sites). Six of us spent an entire month adding new names and publications then checking the old ones, line by line. We even added a few new steps of verification to make sure they were still employees and that titles matched. There’s meat behind this list!

Our list doesn’t break the bank (and leaves shopping funds flush)

Priced at only $75, this list was build with the entrepreneur in mind. We also send a FREE update in early June to everyone who purchases earlier in the year (we do our line-by-line update twice a year), just in time for pitching holiday GIFT GUIDES.

You’re Got Better Things To Do……..until it’s time to pitch!

Get outside! Take a walk. Visit a friend. Hit the spa.

We’re got you covered so the list is ready for you when you’re ready to pitch.

We included both regional and national editors

Not every editor works in New York.  This list is a Who’s Who of market editors, home editors and influential bloggers who work with magazines and online publications across the country looking for products and projects like yours. These are relevant editors and many from regional hubs and secondary cities including Boston, Charlotte, Detroit, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Charleston and more.



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