Recipe for Press

Revolutionizing the Way Entrepreneurs Manage Their Own Public Relations

BLUEPRINT PR ISSUE: “From the first page, it is obvious that Amy Flurry set out to write a book that is easy to digest. The pages of Recipe for Press: Designer Edition are colorful and friendly—and chock full of beautiful images, interviews, and bullet point lists.” Read More.

DESIGNERS TODAY: “As soon as Amy Flurry saw the light…literally the sun streaming into Zoe Bios High Point showroom, she knew it would be a perfect place to round up a crowd of creatives for a celebration of her new book, Recipe for Press: Designer Edition.” Read More.

EDITOR AT LARGE: “In her latest, Recipe for Press: Designer Edition, which debuts this month, she turns the spotlight on designers, parlaying her own press experience into valuable, actionable tips.” Read More.

DESIGNERS TODAY: “When Amy Flurry wrote Recipe for Press: Pitch Your Story like the Pros and Create a Buzz in 2011, it opened a lot of eyes. Essentially dubbed the quintessential DIY P.R. book, Amy, a former editor who had covered design, fashion, and lifestyle and had been pitched thousands of times had a wealth of experience to impart.” Read More.

“Like many writers, I am a “paper person,” ever susceptible to seduction by stationery, postcards, posters, prints, books, magazines, and Moleskines.” Read More.

In one version of the new startup economy, longtime magazine editor Amy Flurry is empowering entrepreneurs by giving them the tools, insider know-how and confidence to share their works and get press. Along the way, her story blossomed.

Today’s Biz Ladies post comes to us from Amy Flurry, a writer and editor for 18 years with work featured in InStyleConde Nast TravelerLuckyPasteHouse BeautifulO at Home,Country Living and Daily Candy. Amy has also authored a new DIY publicity book, Recipe for Press: Pitch Your Story Like the Pros & Create a Buzz.

Press is a powerful promotional tool for your Etsy shop, but pitching yourself to editors can be a daunting process if you’re not armed with a game plan. What’s one of the most important tricks for getting your products featured in blogs and magazines? Thinking like an editor. Here’s what media folks want you to know.

“Artist Amy Flurry shares her favorite places in the Georgia city’s Boulevard District, just a few blocks from The University of Georgia.”

“Your bestie just launched her dream business (you’re so proud). Help her get ahead with Recipe for Press, a how-to-be-your-own-publicist guide by seasoned editor Amy Flurry, detailing local success stories.”

“Amy tackles every necessary task, from creating your brand story, to finding your voice, to actually writing a pitch. Her knowledge is first hand and bottomless, with insights from successful artists and entrepreneurs. Her book is a wonderful example of the power of beautiful photography, practical knowledge, and having some fun with your work!”

decordemonAmy is a freelance magazine writer, having served as a regional editor for Lucky. She has also contributed to Country LivingOHouse BeautifulConde Nast Traveler, andInStyle. The haute momma is also co-founder of Paper-Cut-Project, a creative endeavor for which she and partner Nikki Salk conceive campaigns and styling elements in paper for fashion productions.

“Maybe you stayed home this summer and enjoyed the season from the comforts of your own backyard or rooftop, but writer Amy Flurry took to the road.”

“Recipe for Press is pretty much a blogger’s dream publication — It’s a DIY guide for getting spaces, products, crafts or services into the hands of editors in high places.”

“Using examples from her professional career as a writer and editor, and also drawing on the expertise of successful entrepreneurs, Flurry simply and straightforwardly constructs a plan for business owners to pitch their stories to the media.”

“Though she may be a writer first, Amy has great, considered taste-which is how she came to choose a faux-bois cover for her book. “Freshly milled timber is so naturally inviting,” she explains. “Plus, it’s all the rage!”
Here, the 10 faux-bois pieces Amy Flurry currently loves.”

“For a small company in a small town, we’ve received quite a bit of media attention. This is particularly amazing when you consider our nonexistent advertising budget. With the exception of a couple of classified listings in our local paper, I can’t recall having ever purchased an ad. Even though we have been fortunate in this particular area I can say, without a doubt, that our approach would have been different had I read this book sooner.

Amy Flurry’s Recipe for Press has been called ‘THE DIY guide to being your own publicist!’ and I couldn’t agree more.”