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Who they are:

Minty Magazine creatively highlights inspiring and unique children’s interiors. This team of moms captivates the essence of luxury products, ideas and fashion of interiors for kids with relatable lifestyle articles and product features. This magazine makes inspires every mom to create the perfect safe haven for their little one.

Why we are fans:

Minty Magazine is the perfect source for chic mums to find inspiration to express their style and provide a charmingly sophisticated space for their little one! Minty Magazine welcomes brilliant brands, products and rooms to be featured in their magazine. Minty encourages uniqueness and personal style of mothers from across the globe. The website is fresh and playful, providing links to the blog, press opportunities and shopping. Plus, the magazine is free to read! What’s not to love?

Where to find a copy:

Minty Magazine can be purchased on their website and is free to read online.

Pitch tip:

Interested in pitching here? Visit and share your ideas!


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Q: What year did you graduate from RFP?

A: I interned for Amy prior to Recipe for Press (a long time ago!), way back before Instagram, in 2008.

Q: Describe your position.

Amy was writing for Lucky Magazine (rip!) at the time and I worked to source and pull together the Lucky Breaks Atlanta feature. I also helped edit stories and scope out cool people and places around Athens, Atlanta and beyond.

Oh…you mean now.

I am a Brand Consultant and Strategist and am about to launch a (much overdue!) blog of my own, called Born on Fifth. Prior to that I was the Director of Marketing at Spanx. Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, is actually the one who urged me to take the leap and start a style blog! Follow along @bornonfifth /

Q: Describe a day at work.

A: Working for yourself is great in that no two days are the same. I like to use the word balance…perhaps juggling is better. Some days involve client meetings and brand strategy brainstorms, while others it’s about doing the behind-the-scenes scouting and sourcing for my own blog.

 Q: We stress relationship building and how to pitch your story. What RFP take-away do you apply in your current job?

A: Relationships are KEY! I scored my first internship (Cosmopolitan Magazine) after hearing Amy speak at a UGA Magazine Club meeting (she recommended a site called ed2010 to help find New York magazine jobs). I’m still in touch with the editor I interned for over ten years later. She’s now the Creative Director at an agency called TwelveNYC and I just used her firm to make product for one of my clients and it was a huge hit! It’s all about keeping in contact…you never know where people will end up.

Q: What’s new/next in communications/PR/digital marketing?

A:  I think it’s an interesting time…brands are having to come up with different strategies to stand out. Take Spanx, a company who never did traditional advertising. They have their first print ads last month, at a time when most people are going digital. It’s all about turning conventional thinking on its head, no matter what your ultimate strategy is. Influencer marketing will also continue to be huge, but authenticity is key in this space!

Q: Which social media channel(s) does your company prioritize or put more energy into? Please explain why.

A: Right now, most of the brands I’m working with are focused on Instagram primarily. Spanx founder Sara Blakely just started her own Instagram handle. You should follow her @sarablakely…she’s funny and inspirational at the same time.

Q: What sites/blogs/social media do you visit or reference daily?

A: On the weekends, I love to enjoy the WSJ Off Duty section with my coffee. On the daily, it’s Instagram…probably too often.

I was on a bit of a hiatus from clicking through to read blogs…but that’s changed lately, especially now that I’m launching my own site. I find that blogs are truly the place to get the deeper story, which is important to me as a former journalism student. I hope you’ll check out, where I’ll covering style, fitness, baby and, taking a page out of Amy’s book, featuring inspiring women and digging in to who mentored them!

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