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We’re always talking about the importance of knowing the publications your pitching. Consider that the current issue of your favorite magazine was written and produced six months ago.  Many editors, who generally advance up the masthead every few years, are likely to have moved on since.

This Instagram post is a great example of how editors frequently move from publication to publication.  It’s worth taking the time to confirm who edits or produces the page you want your product to belong in before you pitch.  To help take the guesswork out of your search, check out our Media List for a painstakingly updated list of editors and their contact email.

Big congrats to Jill Waage on her new gig at Traditional Home!

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Q: I have a new product. Should I send a press release?

Amy:  In most cases, no. You chances of getting an editors attention are higher if you email a short, personalized pitch (with the picture of the product embedded in the email) to one editor at a time, connecting the idea with a specific section of the magazine. Nothing sends an editor reaching for the delete key faster than a press release that they know just went out to hundreds of other media contacts. There are times, however, where a press release may be the best way to house all of the information surrounding an event or grand opening. But even then, editors prefer a short, personalized email pitch with a hyperlink to the press release.


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Congrats to Recipe for Press grad, Windy Spell O’Conner.  Her home and art are featured in Scoop Charlotte. You can see more of her beautiful artwork on her website.

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Who They Are:

Dezeen Magazine features the best collection of architecture and design from around the world. Dezeen is home to numerous carefully selected brilliant building design and interior inspiration. Dezeen added Dezeen Jobs, which is considered to be “the internet’s most vibrant  architecture and design jobs board.” Dezeen and Dezeen jobs attract millions of visitors and have earned several awards and recognitions.

Why We’re Fans:

Dezeen offers a crisp, pristine perspective on architecture and interior. The magazine’s style is perfectly showcased through Dezeen’s Instagram. The clean and poised flair attracts the most sophisticated and classy clientele.  Check out  Dezeen Hot List, a comprehensive guide to the most newsworthy and searched-for players in the design world.

Pitch Tip:

If you are an architect or designer, Dezeen would love to see your work! Send your new and fresh ideas to with images and text. Visit for more details on submission!


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