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Q: What do designers need to make sure they don’t overlook when preparing for press?

A: Their own website, because if your pitch is successful, the first place an editor will go for more information is the designer’s website. And they’ll know with just a few clicks, based on the presentation of the website, if the designer is press-ready. They need to feel confident in sending thousands of readers to your website.

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Check out these seven tips to get your pitch from passed-over to perfect! 
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7 reasons editor's pass Recipe For Press

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Amy is sitting on this High Point Market,  Steelyard access panel. She’ll be talking about the ins and outs of a successful internship program! Time with these pros will be a great kickoff to High Point!


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Q: What year did you graduate from RFP?

A: 2013

Q: Describe your current/most recent position.

A: Currently I am the Senior Graphic Designer at a company called Blue Sombrero (owned by Dick’s Sporting Goods) that makes websites for club sports leagues.

Q: Describe a day at work.

A: I am part of a very small creative team at Blue Sombrero so I get to do a little bit of everything-which I love! My typical day can involve anything from creating custom website themes, to UX/UI design work on our product, to working on the design of our mobile app, to creating branded marketing materials.

Q: We stress relationship building and how to pitch your story. What RFP takeaway do you apply in your current job?

A: In my current role I make a point to make sure I maintain good relationships with all my coworkers and especially my manager. As a designer you have to build up trust for your work but also your character. If my manager and I ever disagree on a design issue, because of that strong trust they have in me and my work, I can generally explain my reasoning and give examples and end up with the result I was hoping for.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Q: What social media channels does your company prioritize or put more energy into? Please explain why.  

A: Our website has a blog that we post to about our new features and enhancements and we utilize vimeo for FAQ and how-to videos for our product.  We also repurpose our blog posts as content for facebook, twitter, and google +.  

Q: What sites/blogs/social media do you visit/reference daily?

A: I am definitely a big fan of pinterest and I have also follow a lot of designers and illustrators on instagram to see their daily updates.

Q: What is one thing you wish you had known before graduating from college that you feel would have helped better prepare you for the work world?

Don’t be afraid to take on work you don’t feel fully prepared for. I was always afraid to apply for jobs because I didn’t feel like I had the skill set right out of college but 1. as creatives I don’t think we ever give ourselves enough credit and 2. I learned SO much in the workplace that I easily filled any holes my skill set was lacking in the first month of a job. Your coworkers will be a huge asset so don’t be afraid to ask questions and soak up everything you can in your new role!


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recipe for press ID spotlight

Q: Why is getting press important for an interior designer?

A: It’s different for everyone. Some interior designers want to attract more work in areas they haven’t been able to penetrate. Others want press to establish themselves as experts. Even more want to generate interest and opportunities for collaboration with companies or design centers as featured designers or ambassadors.

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