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Feb. 16



Who they are:

Minty Magazine creatively highlights inspiring and unique children’s interiors. This team of moms captivates the essence of luxury products, ideas and fashion of interiors for kids with relatable lifestyle articles and product features. This magazine makes inspires every mom to create the perfect safe haven for their little one.

Why we are fans:

Minty Magazine is the perfect source for chic mums to find inspiration to express their style and provide a charmingly sophisticated space for their little one! Minty Magazine welcomes brilliant brands, products and rooms to be featured in their magazine. Minty encourages uniqueness and personal style of mothers from across the globe. The website is fresh and playful, providing links to the blog, press opportunities and shopping. Plus, the magazine is free to read! What’s not to love?

Where to find a copy:

Minty Magazine can be purchased on their website and is free to read online.

Pitch tip:

Interested in pitching here? Visit and share your ideas!


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