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May. 11


Who they are:

Lagom is a lifestyle magazine published twice a year that seeks to celebrate innovation and creativity. A Swedish word with no direct English translation, Lagom describes the idea of a sense of balance between work and play.


Why we are fans:

Celebrating people rather than image, Lagom is divided into three distinct sections: Spaces & Places, Craft & Create, and Escape & Recharge. In addition to print, your story can be published in the stories archive of the website as an online exclusive! Powered by a team of contributors from around the world, Lagom finds the hidden and unique gems waiting to be unearthed.


Where to find a copy:

Lagom is stocked in bookshops, newsstands, galleries and stores worldwide. A comprehensive list can be found here.


Pitch Tip:

Are you a creative professional with a unique workspace; do you find inspiration in non-work related activities? Lagom is always looking for creative contributors. Make sure to fill out the submissions form on the Lagom website and keep your pitch at no more than three concise paragraphs. Happy pitching!

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