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Take Note: Free Stock Photos

Don’t have a staff photographer? Don’t let that keep you from creating attractive and engaging blog posts! Thanks to free photography sites like Unsplash and Life Of Pix, you can easily download and use high definition photos without worrying about copyright infringement. We’ve found that people are more likely to read a post that includes …Continue Reading

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Take Note: Shop on Instagram

We’ve long known that editors “ scout” Instagram for new products. It was only a matter of time before Instagram would be co-opted as a business tool to sell them. While Instagram doesn’t allow hyperlinks on individual posts, making accessing your store difficult, a new crop of services like Soldsie and Like2Buy by Curalate use the link in your profile to make …Continue Reading

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2016 PR Game Changer

Check out our new and improved media list in the store NOW!

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Take Note: Pinterest’s New “Buyable Pins”

With Pinterest’s new “Buy It” button option, users can now buy a product without ever leaving the mobile Pinterest app. Viewers can now select the “Buy It” option and their Apple Pay or Paypal account will let them purchase the product without leaving the mobile app.  If your brand uses  Shopify, enabling Buyable Pins is …Continue Reading

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Take Note: Canva

Can’t hire a graphic designer, but still need grachic-rich materials for your business to shine? Enter Canva: the tool that makes it easy to create eye-catching designs to support content for Web or print. While their base membership is free of charge, Canva does offer a variety of subscription levels to unlock more resources. From …Continue Reading

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