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DIY PR grad Kara Brook of Waxing Kara knows a thing or two about landing press. Since attending Pitch Lab last June, Kara has used the Recipe for Press method to snag press placements in numerous national publications, including Southern Living, Southern Lady, Daily Candy, and Lonny. Blown away by her success, we asked Kara to share a little about how Recipe for Press has shaped her pitching strategy:


1.     What are some key tips you learned from Amy Flurry and Pitch Lab that you always apply when pitching?


To edit the pitch to be as brief as possible while still telling enough of the story.

To embed the photo (someone actually had to show me how to do it).

To be ready to respond very quickly when someone from the media contacts me.


2.     How has Pitch Lab and Recipe for Press changed the way you think about pitching?


[Pitching] is part of the marketing process. For me it’s the same as posting to social media, writing a blog entry, etc.


3.     How often do you pitch?


I try to pitch at least once a month right now. I was doing much more than that last spring and it was great, but the rigors of getting the honey house up and running took over.

If I count media contacts to me then I pitch about once a week. In my early days, when media contacted me and asked “what I had for them” I didn’t really “get” that I was to pitch something new different or exclusive. Amy really spelled it out for me and helped me be “always ready” with ideas and prompts.

I don’t “get on base every time I go up to bat” in fact I spent a few months pitching a new product that got absolutely no press. I figure it is the way it goes.


4.     How important is photography to your pitching strategy? Do you think having strong product shots has helped you land press?


While so far they all seem to do their own shoots, I think that what I send sparks interest. Photography played a very big role in my business from the start, from getting the web site ready with the help of friends Judy and Michael at Herrmann + Starke who did all the initial artful product shots that made pitching so much easier. By going through the shoot early in the business, and having all the images, I was able to create individual pitches for each editor. Had I not been prepared, that would have been weeks of time and I may have missed important opportunities.


5.     What would you say is the most important piece of advice you took away from Pitch Lab?


It was more about walking away with a feeling of confidence in the process, where Amy “de-bunked” quite a few myths I believed from my past.


Keep an eye out for Kara’s upcoming features in Country Living and Martha Stewart Living, and be sure to sign up for the next Recipe for Press Pitch Lab, June 21st in Nashville!


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Who they Are: Our friends at Atlanta Magazine have launched their newest publication, Southbound Magazine, which dedicates its glossy pages to exploring places of interest throughout the Southeastern United States. This exciting regional mag reveals the culture, beauty and heritage that sets the South apart as a unique travel destination!

Why We’re Fans: With a combination of Atlanta Magazine’s editorial expertise and its dedication to finding the best vacation getaways, Southbound stands out as our newest go-to guide for southeastern travel. You can keep up with them on their twitter feed or on the go with their iPad edition, available in the iTunes store!

Pitch Tip: Could you see your product finding a home on the pages of Southbound? Submit your pitch to Don’t forget to include a couple handpicked photos alongside a brief description of your product!​

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. . . to the time Pierre Cardin called me at home.


tbt april 17

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Lead time is the print schedule of a publication that determines how far ahead of time an editor needs to consider your pitch for a particular issue. Lead times can vary per magazine, but generally range from 3 to 6 months, depending on whether the publication is regional or national. Confused? Check out our our Pitch Wheel to know how much lead time to need to give editors and when to pitch.

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We are excited to share a page from this month’s Garden & Gun, a beautiful feature on Recipe for Press client Lee Wiser McIntosh and her use of natural,  freshwater pearls in her unique jewelry designs. We couldn’t be more proud! Congrats on your amazing press, Lee!

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