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Q: I have a new product. Should I send a press release?

AmyIn most cases, no. You chances of getting an editors attention are higher if you email a short, personalized pitch (with the picture of the product embedded in the email) to one editor at a time, connecting the idea with a specific section of the magazine. Nothing sends an editor reaching for the delete key faster than a press release that they know just went out to hundreds of other media contacts. There are times, however, where a press release may be the best way to house all of the information surrounding an event or grand opening. But even then, editors prefer a short, personalized email pitch with a hyperlink to the press release.

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one to watch-sonnet_james2-3

Little mystery as to why the Sonnet James website which so beautifully shares the work of designer Whitney Lundeen is a blogger and editor’s favorite. Bold, full page images, lifestyle pictures that reflect an editorial approach plus video, the site gets the message across within the first five seconds your eyes hit the landing page. What’s clear: Sonnet James has a sure point of view, one that’s clearly worth sharing.

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Before you pitch your best idea to that magazine or blog editor, make sure you’re avoiding these nine serious turnoffs!

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Congratulations to Adelene Simple Cloth, an attendee of our very first Pitch Lab back in 2013! The home décor company successfully caught the eye of Anthology Magazine and were recently featured on their blog and Twitter feed!

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Who they are:

Today we are saying “good onya” to a very special publication from down under. Frankie Magazine, a bi-monthly publication from Australia, highlights editorial photos, interviews, product reviews, and photography projects, all in keeping with Frankie’s charmingly off–beat personality.

Why we’re fans:

Like any successful business these days, Frankie works to maintain a compelling online presence. They offer a free newsletter and free graphic downloads, an online store, and prominent links to their social media accounts where they interact with their readers on a more personal level.

Pitch tip:

Frankie features a large quantity of products and stories, and you can tailor your pitch specifically for Frankie’s Instagram, e-newsletter, or print publication. According to their editors, “The best ideas should be the kind that will make a reader go to their best friend and say, ‘You need to see this, it’s really inspirational/funny/gut-wrenching/creative/surprising.’”




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