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These are a few of our favorite shots of the Recipe for Press book and Pitch Wheel on Instagram. What does your Recipe for Press reading space look like? Use #PressReady next time you share a picture of the RFP book in your office space, on your nightstand, or even at your favorite vacation spot!

Photos from: @academyofhandmade , @theflufgirl , @ronniewalter , @kaitiebryant , @joshpavano , @lauren_alexa , @maycombmercantile , @lindsayshoemake , @nicolinaw

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1creative coworking

Photo from Broad 9A

With more people pursuing their dream jobs, creative entrepreneurship is the latest buzzword in this growing trend. And while the turning a passion into a profit can be extremely fulfilling, it can also be unexpectedly isolating, even lonely. In response to this issue, creative conferences like Gather have blossomed and now creative coworking spaces are taking off as well.

These collectives provide an office space for entrepreneurs to have a workplace and community outside of their homes, promoting new friendships and support systems, better work-life balance, and potential for collaboration.

Among them: Foster ATL, Atwater Crossing where Design Love Fest is housed, and Broad 9A coming to our hometown of Athens, GA this summer.

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Q: What is one of the most common pitch mistakes?
Amy: Mass pitching rarely works, and often end up in an editor’s spam folder or “promotion” tab in Gmail. A finely tuned pitch is an email addressed to a specific editor or writer (name spelled correctly please!) focused on how your idea might fit well with the pages they write. And keep it tight.

If the idea is a good fit you should be able to make that case in one paragraph.

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