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Tan lines aren’t an issue when you’re pitching winter outfit ideas. It’s time to pitch holiday issues!

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Q:   Is it ok to attach an image or two to your pitch?

A:   No. Editors rarely, if ever, open attachments unless they have requested the images. Instead, embed a low-resolution (72 dpi) image directly into your pitch, so that the photo is the first thing the editor sees when they open your email. Make sure the image isn’t so far down the pitch that the editor has to scroll down to see it. These days, the shorter the pitch, the more direct and to the point your idea and the more helpful you are (making available high res images upon request and sharing exact date of when a new product is available on your site), the more likely your chance of getting through.

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Tick Tock…

A last-minute holiday pitch is just like last-minute holiday shopping: there is a long line ahead of you, and you probably won’t get what you want. According to our Pitch Wheel, it’s time to start pitching holiday gift guides now!

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Are bloggers on your list to pitch for holiday gift guides? If not, they should be! Blogs are a great place to earn press for interior designers.

Take the guesswork out of pitching bloggers and snag our 2016 Design Bloggers List. Featuring over 170 of the best design and lifestyle blogs and their corresponding contact info. At only $12.95, you can’t afford not to snatch this deal!

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