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Who they are: An online collection of modern design, Design Milk is a cumulation of art, architecture, interior design, furniture, decor, fashion, and technology finds from all over the world. “Always fresh + never sour,” they promise.

Why we like them: Click on the About tab on Design Milk’s website to find an editorial calendar stacked with descriptions of their running features and columns. Read these before pitching to determine where your product fits then mention the series in your pitch so the editors will know you’ve done your homework.  

Pitch Tip: If you’re a designer, architect, artist, or maker whose work skews mod, Design Milk should be the next place you pitch. Send submissions to, including your project title, images, description, and website for readers to contact you. Photos must be at least 800px wide.

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The adage goes, “It’s all about the journey, not the destination.” Recipe for Press was a pin on a map for previous intern classes, and the big question we wanted to know is “where are they now?” Meet Vasilisa Barsukova!

Q: Year you graduated from RFP.

A: 2008!

Q: Describe your position.

A: I am currently working as a Graphic Designer at the cloud technology sector of my company, Accenture. Typical projects include infographics, email design, booth design, and design support for presentations.

Q: Do you do anything on the side?

A: Yes! :) I have a graphic design freelance business going on the side, and I also LOVE to get out my oil paints/acrylics when there’s a free minute and get messy. 

Q: We stress relationship building and how to pitch your story. What RFP take away do you apply to your current job?

A: One of the most important takeaways is prompt communication. Since reliability is so important to clients/customers, you want to establish yourself as a dependable source in your area of expertise. 

Q: What’s new/next in communications/PR/digital marketing?

A: We’re seeing more and more highly targeted ads, and I think in the very near future, even more value will be put towards specialized/personalized marketing campaigns. 

Q: What social media channels does your company prioritize or put more energy to, please explain why.

A: Our team specifically focuses on email and not much social media. Other teams in the company utilize various social media channels for sure! 

Q: What sites/blogs/social media do you visit or reference daily?

A: Love a great new inspirational site! I visit on the reg for images of incredibly gorgeous packaging design. Communication Arts is a great magazine and website for graphic design news. For everyday inspiration, I love these Instagram accounts (most are fashion and interior design related): green.couch, delpozo, mydomaine, coveteur, therow, passionpassport, jengotch, abstractsunday, georgeats, aureta, tommyton, and the list goes on ;)

Q: What is your favorite part about your job?

A: My team is great, and I like how flexible everyone can be when it comes to working in the office/remotely. They value innovation; new ideas are always welcome. This is very important to me, and I’m thankful I get to use my creative side at work. 




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Pitch tip


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Ask Amy



Q: Is it ok to attach an image or two to your pitch?

A: No. Editors rarely, if ever, open attachments unless they have requested the images. Instead, embed a low-resolution (72 dpi) image directly into your pitch, so that the photo is the first thing the editor sees when they open your email. Make sure the image isn’t so far down the pitch that the editor has to scroll down to see it. These days, the shorter the pitch, the more direct and to the point your idea and the more helpful you are (making available high res images upon request and sharing the exact date of when a new product is available on your site), the more likely your chance of getting through.

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Who they are:

Seeking to cultivate community and explore ways for readers to simplify their lives, Kinfolk is a leading independent magazine for young creative professionals. Each quarterly issue is curated around a different theme and revolves around travel, food, and culture.

Why we like them:

Richer relationships and slower living is the package Kinfolk content pushes so their interviews are long and rich and generous space is given to photo essays. As for their aesthetic, think the minimalism of Cereal mag, but with a homey Portland twist.

Pitch Tip:

For photography, art, illustration, or editorial submissions, visit to enter your work directly into the portal. To ensure your submission is centered around the upcoming theme, email to request a theme guide. Content decisions are made 3 to 5 months ahead of the publication dates.

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