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Q: I have a new product. Should I send a press release?

A: In most cases, no. Your chances of getting an editors attention are higher if you email a short, personalized pitch (with the picture of the product embedded in the email) to one editor at a time, connecting the idea with a specific section of the magazine. Nothing sends an editor reaching for the delete key faster than a press release that they know just went out to hundreds of other media contacts. There are times, however, where a press release may be the best way to house all of the information surrounding an event or grand opening. But even then, editors prefer a short, personalized email pitch with a hyperlink to the press release.

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Who they are:

Based in Bristol, UK, Bricks Magazine  provides a platform for young creatives with an emphasis on visual arts as it relates to fashion.

Why we are fans:

Bricks supports and fosters growth for the generation of upcoming fashionistas.  In addition to having a print publication, they also have an online blogging area where artists have the potential to contribute or to be featured.

Where to find a copy:

Brick is available for purchase in their online shop but there is tons of content online too.

Pitch Tip:

Feel like you or someone you know have the best weekends, and would fit right into their Weekend Almanac feature? To pitch an editorial or submit artwork email While they run stories from all over the globe, it helps to get to know their tone very specific tone first before pitching.


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The adage goes, “It’s all about the journey, not the destination.” Recipe for Press was a pin on a map for previous intern classes, and the big question we wanted to know is “where are they now?” Meet Claire Ruhlin!

Q: What year did you graduate from RFP?

A: 2014

Q: Describe your position. 

A: I’m Assistant Editor at Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine.

Q: Describe a day a work.

A: That’s tough to answer because every day is different! I brainstorm, edit and write content for the magazine’s print and online platforms. I also help with photoshoots, enforce deadlines, interview local creatives, manage our social media channels and communicate regularly with our team of freelancers. There’s never a dull moment, which I love.

Q: We stress relationship building and how to pitch your story. What RFP take-away do you apply in your current job? 

A: So much of what I learned at Recipe for Press applies to my current job. Always do your research. Cultivate meaningful relationships with people. Keep your content updated. Invest in good photography. Be kind!

Q: What’s new/next in communications/PR/digital marketing?

A: One thing we’re working to incorporate more into Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles‘ digital presence is Instagram Stories. I love to use them personally, and I think they’re such a fun way for brands to connect with people.

Q: Which social media channel(s) does your company prioritize or put more energy into? Please explain why. 

A: We put a lot of focus on Instagram and Facebook, since the magazine is so visually driven. We have archives of gorgeous photos that don’t make it into print, and Instagram is such a great way to show those to our community of readers.  Facebook is where we share our latest stories or events and link to what’s new on our website.

Q: What sites/blogs/social media do you visit or reference daily? 

A: There are so many I love! Darling Magazine, A Beautiful Mess, Camille Styles, Design Love Fest and Waiting on Martha, to name a handful. The Bitter Southerner features the most beautiful stories, and I love reading Humans of New York. Social media-wise, I’m a big fan of Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

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