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Q: What’s the quickest way to an editor’s heart?

Amy: Comment on a past blog entry or article before launching in to your own pitch. Flattery will get you everywhere, but it also signals that you did some research and put in the time to identify a good fit before pitching.


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We’ve all heard it before: lift as you climb. Jolie Ankrom, owner of Brim Papery, has found the solution to supporting other business owners while still helping hers thrive. After receiving countless questions ranging from how to run a business to how to sell on Etsy, Ankrom created video resources with accompanying worksheets for up-and-coming business owners. Problem-solving as a business? That’s a solution we can get behind.

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With Pinterest’s new “Buy It” button option, users can now buy a product without ever leaving the mobile Pinterest app. Viewers can now select the “Buy It” option and their Apple Pay or Paypal account will let them purchase the product without leaving the mobile app. 

If your brand uses  Shopify, enabling Buyable Pins is as easy as adding the Pinterest channel to your account.  Demandware is another great program that will make Buyable Pins  accessible in the coming weeks.

Buyable pins are still in the early stages; brands are currently waitlisted for the opportunity to enable buyable pins. Sign up for the waitlist and check out Pinterest’s business page for more information!



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Can’t hire a graphic designer, but still need grachic-rich materials for your business to shine? Enter Canva: the tool that makes it easy to create eye-catching designs to support content for Web or print. While their base membership is free of charge, Canva does offer a variety of subscription levels to unlock more resources. From beautiful fonts to easy photo editing, Canva is an option that can help bridge the gap for small business design needs without breaking the bank.

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Q: Is it ok to attach an image or two to your pitch?

AmyNo. Editors rarely, if ever, open attachments unless they have requested the images. Instead, embed a low-resolution (72 dpi) image directly into your pitch, so that the photo is the first thing the editor sees when they open your email. Make sure the image isn’t so far down the pitch that the editor has to scroll down to see it. These days, the shorter the pitch, the more direct and to the point your idea and the more helpful you are (making available high res images upon request and sharing exact date of when a new product is available on your site), the more likely your chance of getting through.


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